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starters&strategies – the New Zealand Teacher's Magazine (now in its 28th year) is distributed to 28,000 (ABC Audited) teachers of students aged 5-14 years  once per school term. Below we feature publications going back one full year which can be printed out FREE from the E book formatstarters&strategies contains major ready-to-use units of work in all curriculum areas; information on the latest resources for schools; EOTC destinations and experiences for students; an annual 'Web Supersites' feature; Environmental Education features.


 starters&strategies Term One 2019 Now Online 

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Highlights of Term Term One 2019 Magazine Include:

Periodic Table – 150 Year Celebration

A major science based and cross-curricular unit designed to explore elements that make up our world and to celebrate 150 years since the first Periodic Table of Elements was published. Through their explorations, students gain an appreciation of science as a way of explaining the world and discover the ways that scientists need to work together and gather evidence to support their ideas and theories. Best suited to Yrs 5-8+ This 4 page unit includes practical classroom science experiments.


We outline a step by step process that showshow you and your class can get into one of the most creative and exciting visual art activities your students can experience.


 Students will discover the importance of aggregate quarrying in our everyday lives and why any 'proposed' changes to this activity will have a negative effect on our society. Students will also explore and be amazed at what has happened to quarries after the aggregates/minerals have been mined out!

Science and Google

The search engine Google has radically changed the way we can locate information quickly and accurately. The following (dozens of) science investigations use Google as the starting point for each investigation. Multi-level.

Becoming Weedbusters

Students are encouraged to investigate weed problems in their local district and to seek help from established weedbusting groups to plan for and establish their own group. After all 'weedbusters spread the word – not the weeds'!

 … and dozens of further starters and strategies.

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