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starters&strategies – the New Zealand Teacher's Magazine (now in its 27th year) is distributed to 28,000 (ABC Audited) teachers of students aged 5-14 years  once per school term. Below we feature publications going back one full year which can be printed out FREE from the E book formatstarters&strategies contains major ready-to-use units of work in all curriculum areas; information on the latest resources for schools; EOTC destinations and experiences for students; an annual 'Web Supersites' feature; Environmental Education features.


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New Zealand experiences thousands of earthquakes every year. Most are either very deep or centred well offshore, causing little damage or injury. However, a severe earthquake can occur at any time with devastating effects. The Kaikoura 7.8M earthquake is yet another reminder of our need to be prepared.

Download this 'must have' free resource today. The pdf has live links to earthquake and other types of emergency sites. This includes lessons, stories, information and activities so your students, Board of Trustees and wider community can immediately find out what actions you should take before, during and after any type of emergency. 

Download this pdf from: