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Each lesson includes a brief descriptor of the purpose and scope of the lesson. Most lessons are supported with many digital resources indicated by:

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Bright Ideas

BRIGHT IDEAS 01.pdf : [87 KB]

Tearing a paper shape. Following instructions. Designing labels and a food container.

Websites supporting these Bright Ideas.

Shape Cards and Activities

Design and Download Labels

BRIGHT IDEAS 02.pdf : [105 KB]

Designing a new Olympic Flag. Designing a Ten-Pin bowling set. Alphabet mathematics.

Websites about and for flag design.

How to Design a Flag

How to Design a Great Flag

Flagmaker for Kids

BRIGHT IDEAS 03.pdf : [68 KB]

A traffic census (maths/language) Lists and more lists. Who speaks what and where is it spoken – an investigation.

Websites supporting these Bright Ideas


The 10 most influential languages of the world – where they are spoken – how to learn them.


BRIGHT IDEAS 04.pdf : Subscription Only Download [75 KB]

Planning the perfect holiday. We all have special dates.

Websites supporting Planning the Perfect Holiday.

Holiday Lesson Plans, Games and Activities

Kidz Go New Zealand

BRIGHT IDEAS 05.pdf : Subscription Only Download [530 KB]

Visual Arts/Maths/English. Daily bread motivation. Exploring food chains. Top Ten Data. My special place.

Website supporting this Bright Ideas

Food Chains Explained

BRIGHT IDEAS 06.pdf : Subscription Only Download [128 KB]

Jigsaw painting. Exploring our highways. Pacific quiz. Animals are great. Useless things.

Websites supporting 'Our Highways' and 'Pacific Quiz' activities.

Great New Zealand Road Trips

Great Kiwi Road Trips

Ultimate Pacific Destinations

BRIGHT IDEAS 07.pdf : Subscription Only Download [91 KB]

Cardboard paper cone masks. On the spot radio broadcasts. Sound words. Drama vignettes. I've been everywhere. Images of people.

Website supporting mask making.

Mask Making Ideas and Topics

BRIGHT IDEAS 08.pdf : Subscription Only Download [364 KB]

Focus on physical exercise. Fun with apples. Planning a great escape. Focus on buildings.

Website supporting physical exercise Bright Idea

Why Exercise is Cool Research

BRIGHT IDEAS 09.pdf : Subscription Only Download [145 KB]

Developing self esteem. Cartoon captions. Thinking about rules. It's a goal. A day in the life. Who's left standing?

Websites for Cartoon Captions activity.

Writing Cartoon Captions for Comic Strips

Creating Comic Strip Captions

Teacher Vision Comic Strip Ideas

BRIGHT IDEAS 10.pdf : Subscription Only Download [99 KB]

Materials we use. Natural disasters. Important events. Helicopters technology challenge.

Websites supporting 'Helicopters' and 'Natural Disasters' Bright Ideas.

Timeline of New Zealand Natural Disasters

How to Build a Helicopter

BRIGHT IDEAS 11.pdf : Subscription Only Download [453 KB]

Primary colours. Imaginative thinking. Collecting words.

Websites/Videos/PDFs for 'Primary Colours' activity.

Experiments with Primary Colours Across the Curriculum



Website for 'Imaginative Thinking' activity.

How to Promote Creative Thinking

BRIGHT IDEAS 12.pdf : Subscription Only Download [92 KB]

Drama – instant improvisations. Physed circuit swimming. Newspaper maths. Going green.

Websites for additional 'Drama' activities.

Drama Warm-ups and Circle Games

Drama Resources Online

Improvisations and Warm-ups

Drama Warm-ups and Games

BRIGHT IDEAS 13.pdf : Subscription Only Download [93 KB]

Earliest memory. Stranger than 'friction'. Right or wrong. The future today.

Website for 'Friction' activity.

Friction Game for Kids

Ghost in the Bottle Friction Video

BRIGHT IDEAS 14.pdf : Subscription Only Download [93 KB]

Using photography in the classroom – a cross curricular approach.

Websites for 'Photography in the Classroom'.

Using Photography in the Classroom

Digital Photography in the Classroom (Powerpoint Presentations)

BRIGHT IDEAS 15.pdf : Subscription Only Download [103 KB]

Discoverers of New Zealand. A student research project.

Website links for New Zealand Discoverers.

James Cook

Abel Tasman



D'Urville and De Surville


BRIGHT IDEAS 16.pdf : Subscription Only Download [523 KB]

Wacky Letterboxes. Promoting our city or town using stamps.

Website of Letterboxes

Wacky and Weird NZ Letterboxes

BRIGHT IDEAS 17.pdf : Subscription Only Download [76 KB]

Bright Ideas on an environmental theme – water conservation and conserving our natural resources.

pdf to support Water and Water Conservation activity.

Freshwater Board and Card Games from DOC

BRIGHT IDEAS 18.pdf : Subscription Only Download [267 KB]

Earliest Memory – sharing early memories with each other in written and oral form. Stranger than Friction – science based experiments with objects and surfaces. Right or Wrong – general knowledge and spelling activities. Holiday Destinations – interviewing other students and parents about places in New Zealand plus thumbnail sketches of local and overseas destinations.

Website supporting holiday destinations activity.

New Zealand Holiday Destinations

BRIGHT IDEAS 19.pdf : Subscription Only Download [222 KB]

Joining Up – why and whom join clubs? Investigations and role plays. Sense of smell activities. Writing anti-advertisements. Writing captions for cartoons.

Website supporting 'Sense of Smell' activitiy.

Sense of Smell and 5 Senses Teacher Ideas

BRIGHT IDEAS 20.pdf : Subscription Only Download [111 KB]

Sound sequence words – following instructions and lists of words that imitate sounds. Wet Lunch Times – placing subjects and activities in curriculum areas, listing activities in categories, planning and rostering lunch time activities for wet days. (English). Atlas Skills. Planning and running regular school radio news bulletins.

Website to support 'Atlas Skills activity.

Atlas Scavenger Hunt Worksheets

BRIGHT IDEAS 21.pdf : Subscription Only Download [75 KB]

Giving paragraphs a title. Investigations and interviews about changing styles of music over the years. Box design challenge.

Website supporting 'Music Styles' activity.

Live Music Examples from 1900s to 1990s (Internet Radio)

BRIGHT IDEAS 22.pdf : Subscription Only Download [100 KB]

Communicating feelings with music and appropriate instruments. Matching maths activities with activities and apparatus to help develop and understanding of these concepts. Investigations into pop music.

Websites supporting 'Maths Concepts' and 'Pop Music' activities.

Teaching Basic Maths Concepts Ideas


Maths Concept Projects

Best and Latest Pop Videos

BRIGHT IDEAS 23.pdf : Subscription Only Download [111 KB]

How old are we? – exactly. Writing precise descriptions. Newspaper maths. Science investigation. Making work easier. What do we use?

Website (including video) supporting 'Science Investigation' activity.

Yucky Bugs Video 

BRIGHT IDEAS 24.pdf : Subscription Only Download [650 KB]

Solving a shipwreck scenario. Investigating humour. Coping with anger strategies. Time and time zone investigations.

Websites supporting 'It's Time for Time' activity.

World Clock Time and Dates

Time Zone Converter

World Timezones Map

BRIGHT IDEAS 25.pdf : Subscription Only Download [83 KB]

Language of advertising. Investigations in to the devices that advertisers use to entice us to buy their products. You are the Experts. Compiling data bases about different communities in New Zealand.

Website to support 'Advertising' theme.

The Basics of Advertising for Students

Talking to Kids About Advertising

BRIGHT IDEAS 26.pdf : Subscription Only Download [102 KB]

All about being cold. Investigations into how and why we feel cold, what measures we take to combat being cold, finding out how penguins combat the cold and the equivalent clothing a human would have to wear to be as insulated from the cold as a penguin.

 Websites to support this activity.

All About Penguins

Weather at South Pole

BRIGHT IDEAS 27.pdf : Subscription Only Download [86 KB]

Imaginings and Investigations: Icons of towns and cities. Holiday research planning. The Top of the South. Our Capital City.

Website to support 'Top of the South' activity.

South Island New Zealand

BRIGHT IDEAS 28.pdf : Subscription Only Download [105 KB]

Dial a Town; Maori Place Names; Exploring Highways.

Website link supporting 'Maori Place Names' activity.

Maori Place Names Dictionary

BRIGHT IDEAS 29.pdf : Subscription Only Download [251 KB]

Creating databases; Number Words; Drama with Comics; Stained Glass Windows, Monsters

Website supporting creating databases.


BRIGHT IDEAS 30.pdf : Subscription Only Download [84 KB]

BRIGHT IDEAS 31.pdf : Subscription Only Download [85 KB]

All about emotions. A series of drama, visual arts, health and English activities based on emotions and expressions.

BRIGHT IDEAS 32.pdf : Subscription Only Download [101 KB]

Activities in English, the arts and social sciences. Setting goals and giving advice. What are rules and why we have them. Choosing the appropriate media when selling things.

Pdf supporting 'Thinking About Rules' activity.


Setting Ground Rules Lesson Ideas pdf

BRIGHT IDEAS 33.pdf : Subscription Only Download [83 KB]

Designing and experimenting with the best methods of storing bread. What is a food chain? Collecting and displaying data.

BRIGHT IDEAS 34.pdf : Subscription Only Download [85 KB]

Masking our emotions or can we? Showing emotions in real-life situations. Using the body to express feelings.

BRIGHT IDEAS 35.pdf : Subscription Only Download [100 KB]

Giving advice. Thinking about rules. Why do people sell things? How do they sell things? Setting personal goals.

BRIGHT IDEAS 36.pdf : Subscription Only Download [102 KB]

ALLIGATORS. Finding out about alligators – web research and why we should save them from extinction.

Websites supporting this Bright Idea.

Alligators (Enchanted Learning)

Alligator Facts/Pictures for Kids (Nat Geographics)

Alligator Resources for Students and Teachers

Video supporting this unit.

Alligators and crocodiles (Nat Geographic)

BRIGHT IDEAS 37.pdf : Subscription Only Download [95 KB]

MOSTLY ABOUT BOOKS. How do we organise the books in the classroom or school library? Exploring different criteria. Forming special book clubs around special attributes or characters of books and running a 'Book Mastermind' student challenge.

BRIGHT IDEAS 38.pdf : Subscription Only Download [86 KB]


English, Science, Social Science and Study Skills based on a 'Water' Theme. The unit concludes with a Buddy School Water Challenge

BRIGHT IDEAS 39.pdf : Subscription Only Download [97 KB]


Science based activities where students conduct investigations to find out the what and the why of camouflage for marine creatures.

Link to Camouflage Video

Marine Animals Camouflage Website

ConservationWeek2023.pdf : [4 MB]


Conservation Week 2023 will be held from Sepember 5-11, 2023.. 

Download this free resource which features:

Visit the following page to discover: It's History; Timeline; Observation; Mind Blowing Facts and Why Conservation Week is so importent.

Conservation Week 2023

MOUNTAINS TO SEA.pdf : Subscription Only Download [95 KB]

Short activities based on ideas about rivers, fish and our aquatic environment in general. Cross-curricula in nature with a science, English and social sciences theme. Links to the arts and mathematics. Teachers can expand on any of the ideas easily to make a topic for a larger unit of work.

MULTI MEDIA PROJECTOR.pdf : Subscription Only Download [1 MB]

Of all the classroom technologies to come along, the multimedia projector – probably more than any other, has started a revolution in the way we approach the teaching and learning task with our students. In this article we explain the why, how and what about using this technology.

THE EYES HAVE IT.pdf : Subscription Only Download [99 KB]

Cross-curricular activities on an eye-related theme.

Links to two videos supporting this unit.

Journey Through the Eye

How the Human Eye Works