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The Arts Websites

  • AMAZING REEF - In this movie-making interactive, students can make an animated film about life on a coral reef.
  • ART JUNCTION - Links for teachers and students on dozens of stimulating art topics including teaching students how to paint, creating outrageous hats THAT'S ARTRAGEOUS! Make the familiar strange, the ordinary extraordinary!
  • ARTOPIA - Download lesson plans for Dance; Media Arts; Music; Painting; Sculpture, Theatre.
  • ARTS ONLINE - The definitive New Zealand Arts Online Website featuring: Dance; Drama; Music; Visual Arts; Art History; Arts; Nga Toi; Cross Curricula – all with easy access on one website.
  • ARTS WORKSHOP - At art workshop, students have four wonderful choices: Creating their own multimedia production using puppets, music and script and then posting it on the web for all to see. Great fun and it really works.
  • CREATIVE IDEAS IN DRAMA - Drama games, techniques, practical strategies, and lesson plans for teachers. A great way to start and implement a drama programme in your classroom.
  • DEEP SPACE SPARKLE (ART LESSONS) - Hundreds of free, classroom-tested art lessons. Teachers can also search for art lessons by grade, subject, and by technique.
  • KIDZ ART - You'll just love this site dedicated to the celebration of children's art. Each category listed contains wonderful examples of kids art plus descriptions for teachers showing how these wonderful results were obtained. Fantastic site.
  • MEDIAED - The website for teaching about media and film making with students of all ages. Includes examples of students' work, teaching ideas, resources and much more.
  • MUSIC TEACHERS RESOURCE SITE - A comprehensive resource site for teachers including elements of sound, basic keyboard skills, rhythm, chords, soundtracks … Teacher materials and a virtual keyboard are included. Material grouped from Years 4–10 and Years 11-14.
  • MYTHS AND LEGENDS THROUGH ART - Explore the idea that throughout history, artists have been inspired by myths and legends and have given them visual form. Sometimes these works of art are the only surviving record of what particular cultures believed and valued.
  • TALKING TEXTILES - Art and design based on the fascinating and creative world of textiles. Part of the Children's University of Manchester site where students can explore and experience the artistic world of textile design and textile history.
  • THE ART IN CARTOONING - This great site is to educates students about cartoons and explores the many aspects that make up cartooning. The most fantastic thing about this site is that it is designed by students — for students as part of the ThinkQuest annual challenge.
  • THE ARTISTS TOOLKIT - The artists toolkit is a wonderful in-depth guide to learning more about the building blocks of composition- line, colour, texture, space etc.. Here students will see many examples of works of art that illustrate the visual elements and principles.
  • THE SCRIBBLER - A fun site for all ages where students use their mouse to make line drawings. The application (The Scribbler) built into the site then turns the student drawing into a 'visual masterpiece'. Tons of fun for early finishers. Not to be taken too seriously!
  • VISUAL ARTS WEBSITES - An extensive list and links to visual art websites including: How to Draw; Art Projects; Museum Art resources; Famous Artists for Children; History through Art; Science and Maths through Art; Art Games … and much more.