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Social Sciences Websites

  • (REFERENCE) BBC KIDS NEWS - All the world news especially for students.
  • (REFERENCE) BIOGRAPHY.COM - Short bios of over 20,000 famous people.
  • (REFERENCE) ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANICA - Browse Encyclopedia Britannica's entries in over 140 categories.
  • (REFERENCE) GOOGLE EARTH - Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.
  • (REFERENCE) GOOGLE MAPS NZ - Find your way from anywhere in New Zealand to anywhere else in New Zealand you want to go. Amazing technology.
  • (REFERENCE) OUTLINE MAPS OF THE WORLD - Blank maps of every country in the world for free downloading.
  • (REFERENCE) TIME MAGAZINE FOR KIDS - The online edition of the weekly news magazine for children. Includes archives of previous issues (with its own search engine). The news articles are accompanied by multimedia files.
  • (REFERENCE) WHAT'S THE STORY - Over 3000 biographies of people who have made their mark on New Zealand.
  • (REFERENCE) WIKIPEDIA - The popular free encylopedia with over 2 million articles on thousands of subjects.
  • (REFERENCE) WORLD ATLAS - Maps and information on all world countries and regions. Includes photos and videos. A must-visit site.
  • CLASSROOM RULES - Activities for Establishing Classroom Rules. Involve students in establishing their classroom rules. Surprisingly,student-created rules are often much the same as -- or even tougher than -- rules a teacher might create.
  • CONSUMER PROTECTION - Curriculum-linked modules for Years 4-10 to equip students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to become informed and confident consumers. Students become informed decision makers contributing to NZs economic/social well-being.
  • KIDS NEWS - Current events in New Zealand and around the world. Includes sport, teacher resources and student worksheets.
  • OLYMPIC EDUCATION - The New Zealand Olympic Committee's Education programme (Game On!) provides free online resources, activities, and information to inspire young Kiwis to be active and live the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect.
  • ONLINE GEOGRAPHY GAMES - A great site for interactive-online geography quizes plus much more. There are even online live geoweb cams where students can see the places they are learning about. A great site for early finishers.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES FOR KIDS - Features up-to-the-day current events. Further links feature: Cultures; Languages; Religions; Modern and Ancient Maps; Timelines, World History including Ancient Civilizations, Middle Ages, Renaissance; Sports; Teaching Resources…
  • SOCIAL STUDIES ONLINE - Social Sciences lessons and resources for New Zealand schools for Years 1-10
  • THE CLASSROOM - Absolutely your first port-of-call for New Zealand history teaching resources.
  • THE GOVERNOR GENERAL OF NZ - Free social sciences educational resources exploring how the Governor-General is appointed, skills required for this position and the role he or she undertakes for New Zealand Society and local communities.
  • USING NEWSPAPERS IN THE CLASSROOM - This article takes a fresh look at newspapers and suggests what to do, and what to perhaps AVOID doing and Why do so many teachers like using newspapers?