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Science Websites

  • (01) WHAT IS A CELL VIDEO - Animated and visually stimulating introduction to cells.
  • AMAZING SPACE ADVENTURES - Online space explorations where students have an interactive experience exploring the solar system, galaxies, black holes and other fascinating objects in space.
  • AWESOME FORCES - This resource is designed to support teachers in developing a unit of work about some of New Zealand’s natural hazards and how to prepare for them. It looks at earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami - where they can occur and have occurred.
  • BIOTECHNOLOGY (Now incorporated in the Science Learning Hub) - A great section of the Science Learning Hub which includes themes that explore diverse uses of biotechnology in New Zealand and feature teaching ideas, student activities, video clips and animations.
  • BIRDS AND ANIMALS OF NEW ZEALAND - Fact sheets on New Zealand birds and animals including those now extinct. Information about NZ predators.
  • EARTH, SUN and MOON (VIDEO) - Explore the science behind our solar system, and how astronomers are exploring its boundaries.
  • GNS FREE SCIENCE RESOURCES - A brilliant New Zealand website featuring classroom resources for teaching Planet Earth and Beyond,– Earthquakes, Fossils, Ice and Snow, Ocean Floor, Volcanoes Plus Lesson Plans, Videos, Activities.
  • SATURN and SCALE OF SOLAR SYSTEM (VIDEO) - Includes stunning images of Saturn and its moons taken from the Cassini spacecraft.
  • SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS VIDEOS - 20 exciting science experiments videos for students. A great classroom science resource.
  • SCIENCE KIDS NZ - Science websites don't get any better than this – videos, facts, lessons and much more.
  • SCIENCE LEARNING HUB - The Science Learning Hub explores New Zealand's world-class research, science and technology sectors and provides resources to support fresh thinking in science teaching and learning in our schools.
  • SCIENCE TOY MAKER - A non-commercial site where students are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and make fun, mysterious toys that entice scientific investigation. It is a resource to inspire both students and teachers alike.
  • THE GREAT PLANT ESCAPE - Students solve mysteries and unlock the secrets of plant life.
  • THE SCIENCE SPOT - Developed by a science teacher, this site is a great resource for teachers. You will find lesson plans, project ideas and more.
  • THE SECRETS OF FLIGHT - Delicate but powerful wings give bugs impressive manoeuvrability, long-distance flight, and speedy escapes. There’s more than one way to fly with Bug Airlines.
  • THE SUN (VIDEO) - A solar physicist reveals what she knows about the Sun and the latest solar missions.
  • TROPICAL RAINFORESTS - Regarded as the worlds leading authority on rain forest student resources. Includes extensive teacher resources.
  • TRY SCIENCE - One of the best science sites for students of all ages we have visited. Students take part in virtual field trips, have science adventures, build walkways on top of the canopy of a rain forest, experiment online, make amazing robots …
  • WELCOME TO MARS - As explorers of Mars, students are challenged to complete a difficult mission.
  • WHATBIRD? – Classroom Tool - A practical bird identification tool for identifying birds in New Zealand and particularly good as a visual identifier for students. Observe a bird – what is it? Hop on to what bird and identify it and listen to its song.
  • WIND ENERGY IN NEW ZEALAND - A great website for school projects. Lesson plans, factsheets and online resources on a winbd energy theme.