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Science Websites

  • (01) WHAT IS A CELL VIDEO - Animated and visually stimulating introduction to cells.
  • AMAZING SPACE ADVENTURES - Online space explorations where students have an interactive experience exploring the solar system, galaxies, black holes and other fascinating objects in space.
  • BIOTECHNOLOGY (Now incorporated in the Science Learning Hub) - A great section of the Science Learning Hub which includes themes that explore diverse uses of biotechnology in New Zealand and feature teaching ideas, student activities, video clips and animations.
  • BIRDS AND ANIMALS OF NEW ZEALAND - Fact sheets on New Zealand birds and animals including those now extinct. Information about NZ predators.
  • EARTH, SUN and MOON (VIDEO) - Explore the science behind our solar system, and how astronomers are exploring its boundaries.
  • GENESIS FREE STEM RESOUCES & ACTIVITIES - School-gen aims to get young New Zealanders interested in science, engineering, technology and maths while learning cool stuff about energy – how it’s made, how it works and how it can be managed.
  • GET READY FOR AWESOME FORCES - All of New Zealand is at risk of earthquakes and our coastline is at risk of tsunami. Discover what to do and how to get ready.
  • GNS FREE SCIENCE RESOURCES - A brilliant New Zealand website featuring classroom resources for teaching Planet Earth and Beyond,– Earthquakes, Fossils, Ice and Snow, Ocean Floor, Volcanoes Plus Lesson Plans, Videos, Activities.
  • MENTAL EXERCISES FOR ANIMALS AND DOGS - A comprehensive guide on what zoos use for animal mental exercise and how to use similar activities with your dog! Lots of fun and sense!
  • New Zealand BIRDS ONLINE - A very practical bird identification tool for identifying birds in New Zealand.
  • SATURN and SCALE OF SOLAR SYSTEM (VIDEO) - Includes stunning images of Saturn and its moons taken from the Cassini spacecraft.
  • SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS VIDEOS - 20 exciting science experiments videos for students. A great classroom science resource.
  • SCIENCE KIDS NZ - Science websites don't get any better than this – videos, facts, lessons and much more.
  • SCIENCE LEARNING HUB - The Science Learning Hub explores New Zealand's world-class research, science and technology sectors and provides resources to support fresh thinking in science teaching and learning in our schools.
  • SCIENCE TOY MAKER - A non-commercial site where students are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and make fun, mysterious toys that entice scientific investigation. It is a resource to inspire both students and teachers alike.
  • STARLAB - Over 30,000 students per year experience the magic of Starlab. Visit the website for bookings, worksheets, resources and quizzes.
  • Te Kawa O Tangaroa - An ocean-centred learning programme from the Marine Stewardship Council focussed on solutions to overfishing and how we can ensure we will have oceans teeming with life. Best suited to Yrs 7-10
  • THE GREAT PLANT ESCAPE - Students solve mysteries and unlock the secrets of plant life.
  • THE SCIENCE SPOT - Developed by a science teacher, this site is a great resource for teachers. You will find lesson plans, project ideas and more.
  • THE SECRETS OF FLIGHT - Delicate but powerful wings give bugs impressive manoeuvrability, long-distance flight, and speedy escapes. There’s more than one way to fly with Bug Airlines.
  • THE SUN (VIDEO) - A solar physicist reveals what she knows about the Sun and the latest solar missions.
  • TROPICAL RAINFORESTS - Regarded as the worlds leading authority on rain forest student resources. Includes extensive teacher resources.
  • WELCOME TO MARS - All the latest info about exploring and going to Mars
  • WIND ENERGY IN NEW ZEALAND - A great website for school projects. Lesson plans, factsheets and online resources on a winbd energy theme.