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Health / Physed Websites

  • ABOUT KIDS HEALTH - Great animations provide answers to student questions about health and the body.
  • AWESOME FORCES - This resource is designed to support teachers in developing a unit of work about some of New Zealand’s natural hazards and how to prepare for them. It looks at earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami - where they can occur and have occurred.
  • BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE - Curriculum-based resource developing critical thinking about responsible behaviour outdoors. Yrs 4-8+
  • DENTAL DEFENDERS – INTERACTIVE - Danger lurks at every meal. Ordinary foods coat teeth with sugar, attracting bacteria and acids that cause tooth decay. But the Dental Defenders are on the job, protecting their teeth!
  • ELECTRICAL SAFETY FOR CHILDREN - To help kids stay safe around electricity, Vector invites every school to an interactive website that includes cool games to teach children about electricity and being safe.
  • EXERCISE ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS AND FAMILIES - PDF download. Great physed activities for Yrs 1-4
  • EXERCISE ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS AND FAMILIES - PDF download. Activities for indoor, outdoor, with friends, for schools and communities.
  • EXERCISE GUIDE FOR KIDS - Why exercise is good for us explained in simple terms for young students. Many links to further PE activities.
  • FAMILY PLANNING - Family Planning – supporting your delivery of sexuality and relationships education with teacher development and teaching resources.
  • FUN FITNESS RESOURCES FOR THE FULL FAMILY - Staying healthy and fit while having Fun. Great for kids, families and teachers needing fitness ideas.
  • HOW THE BODY WORKS - Links to nine great movies explaining the internal and external body systems.
  • KEEPING SAFE AROUND DOGS - A student-friendly website teaching students about safety around dogs.
  • KIDNETIC - Plan and run programs promoting healthy eating and regular physical exercise as part of the school and classroom programme. Features include: Games; Fitness Activities, Dances; Food …
  • KIDS GAMES - Looking for kids games? How about rules for playground games, verses for jump-rope rhymes, and much more? You have come to right place! Lots of games listed including many that will bring about many happy memories.
  • KIDS HEALTH - The largest and most visited site on the Web providing doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence. This link takes students to the kids section of the site which provides a wealth of information for students.
  • KIDS ONLY – KIDS HEALTH - A Sth Australian Govt site designed especially for students aged 6-12. Topics include your family, your body, your food, your health, your school, your feelings, your safety plus fun and games. A great safe site for student research and projects.
  • MOUTHPOWER - The secret of a healthy smile is simple: taking good care of your teeth. And what's the best way to find out how to do that? Let Mouthie take students into the MouthPower laboratory!
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION GUIDELINES AND ACTIVITIES FOR STUDENTS. - PDF Download. Suitable for all ages plus information for teachers.
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS RESOURCES FOR KIDS - The most comprehensive resource we have found. Compiled for kids by kids. Over 40 great links. Our thanks to Barbara Hayes and her 'kids'.
  • PLAYGROUND FUN - Dozens of modern and old fashioned games.
  • RIVERSAFE - RiverSafe is a free internet-based Health and Physical Education resource for years 6-8 now online for downloading
  • THE BRAIN AND THE SENSES - Interactive website from the Children's University of Manchester dealing with the working of the brain and all the five senses.
  • VEGETABLES FOR HEALTH - Packed with useful and downloadable resources about the importance vegetables play in healthy eating.