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Environment Websites

  • ANTARCTIC ACADEMY LEARNING PROGRAMMES - Dozens of Antarctic environmentally-based programmes for all levels.
  • BIRDS AND ANIMALS OF NEW ZEALAND - Fact sheets on New Zealand birds and animals including those now extinct. Information about NZ predators.
  • BROWN TEAL - Information about New Zealand’s critically endangered Brown Teal and the efforts being made to conserve them.
  • CHILDREN OF THE EARTH - Promotes a greater understanding and respect for animals, plants, water, soil, air and energy systems. Helps children comprehend the positive and negative environmental effects of our actions.
  • DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION (DOC) - Education Resources. Explore DoC's wonderful resources to support conservation teaching and learning – and this is just the start!
  • ENVIROSCHOOLS - A whole school approach to learning where students plan, design and create a sustainable school with the support of their community.
  • FRESH WATER LIVE - Dozens of fresh water Lesson Plans for all levels.
  • FRESHWATER DETECTIVES - A must-have kit for teaching children about the relationship between water and living things.
  • I AM MAKIN A DIFFERENCE – WATER - Units of work, lesson plans, support materials, student activities, water use investigations and support resources.
  • INSECTS,SPIDERS AND BUGS OF NEW ZEALAND (VIDEO) - Provides: information about the insects and spiders and bugs found in New Zealand/Aotearoa and why they are so important.
  • KERERU DISCOVERY - Help the kereru – New Zealand's native pigeon, right in your own backyard. Kereru are critical to the survival of NZ's beautiful forests. Find out why and how to help.
  • KIWI CONSERVATION CLUB - Kids helping to save the world and at the same time, learning all about New Zealand wild life. Tons on fact sheets and resources for teachers and students.
  • LEARNZ VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS - LEARNZ is a programme of free virtual field trips taking students to remote places all over New Zealand, Antarctica and beyond. Let LEARNZ take you there!
  • LESSONS PLANET - Dozens of lessons, units and videos on a wide variety of environmental topics.
  • MENTAL EXERCISES FOR ANIMALS AND DOGS - A comprehensive guide on what zoos use for animal mental exercise and how to use similar activities with your dog. Lots of fun and lots of sense!
  • PEST DETECTIVE (NZ) - Is predator control a part of your school programme? Use this wonderful website to identify the presence of vertebrate pest animals in NZ. Browse clues or by culprit. Use extensive links for more info and pest control.
  • RECYCLE NEW ZEALAND - All about recycling in New Zealand – what to recyle, how to recycle …
  • RECYCLING FOR KIDS - Games, videos, quizzes … on a recycling theme.
  • SAVE THE WATER - Lessons For children at different grade levels. Students investigate some of the world's most polluted water hot-spots and devise plans for pollution prevention.
  • Te Kete Ipurangi - The Online Learning Centre - This links to the Environmental Education Community of TKI, which is the Ministry of Education's portal for education resources.
  • WATER CARE (NZ) EDUCATION PROGRAMME - Watercare Education Programme for Primary & Intermediate students. Lessons, water experiments, field trips, water cycle etc.
  • WATER MATTERS RESOURCE SET - The Water Matters Connection is supported by a set of resources. This range of educational tools assist educators to engage their students with the issue of sustainable access to enough safe water.
  • WET FEET - A DOC produced teaching resource investigating New Zealand's fresh water environments.
  • WHAT BIRD - Whatbird is a practical bird identification tool. Whatbird includes 51 exotic and native birds species likely to be encountered in New Zealand.
  • YOUNG OCEAN EXPLORERS - Young Ocean Explorers is an interactive website aiming to engage children with entertaining education about our underwater worlds. It includes quizzes, adventures and explorations of the oceans surrounding New Zealand.
  • ZEALANDIA – The Karori Sanctuary Experience - Zealandia – The Karori Sanctuary Experience education pages provide teachers with information on: School Visits; Sleepovers; Teaching Resources and Outreach Conservation Activities. A wonderful website for Environmental Education.