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English Websites

  • (REFERENCE) A DAY IN HISTORY - Find out just exactly what happened on today in history from ancient to modern times.
  • (REFERENCE) THE LANGUAGE CENTRE - Dictionary, Thesaurus, Word Games and much more – and it's simple to use.
  • ASTEROIDS and COMETS (VIDEO) - The risks and dangers of an asteroid collision on Earth.
  • EDHELPER – LANGUAGE, LITERACY AND READING - An extensive collection of worksheets, lesson plans and activities dealing with literacy, language and reading skills.
  • EDUCATION OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM - EOTC Activities and Tools for Teaching Activities Outside the Classroom
  • ENGLISH ONLINE - One of the best sites on the web for english/language units for teachers complete with learning outcomes and evaluation. A must visit NZ-centric site.
  • ESOL ONLINE - ESOL Online, helping all primary and secondary teachers respond to the needs of their English language learners.
  • FUN BRAIN - All sorts of online games in many curriculum areas including language games help kids master everything from spelling to grammar and have fun in the process.
  • I AM DEAF LET'S TALK - Sign language courses
  • INTO THE BOOK INTERACTIVE GAME - Explore eight reading strategies for K-4 students and teachers in this interactive and in-depth reading comprehension site:
  • KIDZONE LANGUAGE ARTS - A multi-level site featuring tons of activities covering alphabet, phonics, creative writing, handwriting, reading and puzzles.
  • LET'S WRITE A NEWSPAPER - A comprehensive newspaper writing course for students. Includes story scenarios and newspaper samples. Great materials and ideas for students and full background information for teachers. Take the course – it's worth it!
  • LINGUISTICS AND LITERACY - Wonderful website at the for exploring linguistics and literacy including: World Language Map; Timeline of the English Language; Naming Nouns; Adjective Detectives, Borrowing Words; Idioms Games …
  • LITERACY ONLINE - Literacy Online, helping primary and secondary teachers develop teaching and learning programmes based on the literacy needs of their learners.
  • National Library of NZ - One of the 'real Super Sites' for quality, curriculum resources, online schoolwork help for students, exemplars and tools for inquiry, resource guides, and more. The /schools/topics section includes professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • SPELLING BEE New Zealand - Free to schools, The Spelling Bee helps Years 1-10 students gain a love of language and learn words they can use (and spell) for the rest of their lives.
  • SWITCHEROO ZOO - A really fun site for students where they create their own animals on the web by switching head, bodies and tails. Teachers will find it is great for imaginative language work.
  • WACKY WEB TAILS - A fun site – especially for reluctant writers. Writer choose a topic and is then asked to write in words as described, eg a high number, your favourite song etc. The Wacky Web tale is then published.
  • WIND ENERGY IN New Zealand - Lessons and resources for teachers and students.