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No to Graffiti: Social Sciences, Health, Visual Arts,Environment

In this multi-level lesson, students will gain an understanding that the relationship between people and the environment they live in can be badly harmed by the vandalism of graffiti tagging. They will also learn that communities can band together and take positive actions to overcome these problems and restore community pride. Download from the social sciences / health / environment or visual arts lessonslibraries.

starters&strategies Term Three 2017

Highlights of Term Three 2017 Magazine Include:

Discover the benefits of introducing Turbo Touch to spice up your class and school PE programme. Turbo Touch is for all ages and for all abilities – and it's FUN.

How prepared and resilient would your community be in the event of a civil emergency event? A major cross-curricular teaching unit to discover how to prepare for an emergency event and getting these messages out to and involving the community with emergency event preparedness.

Food Safety on the Marae and at a Hangi – Major multi-level health and social science teaching unit .

Conservation Week – Love Your Backyard theme – teaching ideas, activities and resources.

EOTC Major Feature – 9 pages of EOTC providers and activities throughout New Zealand and many more starters & strategies. Visit our Teacher Magazine section to view the magazine in flip-book format. 

Links on pages afre live.

 Clean Up (New Zealand) Week – 11-17 September


 World Rivers Day (Week) 27 September


World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world's waterways. It highlights the many values of rivers and strives to increase public awareness and encourages the improved stewardship of rivers around the world. The following teaching resources are desigfned for World Rivers Day (Week)

Fresh Water – Our Most Precious Resource

Didymo – slowing the spread


Family Planning offers free, one-one-one online or phone consultations for principals and teachers. We can help with:

                                              • strategies for effective teaching and learning

                                              •  tools and resources for teaching and assessment

                                              • support for programme development

                                              • advice and support for creating safe, health promoting environments

                                              • communicating with parents and whānau 

                                              • professional learning and development opportunities for staff.

Ask for an online or phone consultation

We support the delivery of sexuality and relationships education for:

                                              • schools

                                              • alternative education settings

                                              • teenage parent groups

                                              • independant training organisations

                                              • community groups and agencies


And we also provide age-appropriate teaching resources, developed in line with the New Zealand Health and Physical Education Curriculum.