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Being able to apply the above study skills to the learning task is one of the most effective ways to help students develop the skills required for independent problem-solving and lifelong learning.

To develop these essential study skills we provide a total of 132 Quiz Cards in the full series.The full programme is suitable for students from Year 4 to Year 10 (and upwards)

 Start you programme today with the FREE download of 12 Quiz Cards at Level 1. Use the link below to get started. All other study skill quiz cards can be found in the Study Skills section of our lessons library.

World Wetlands Day/Week/Month – February

World Wildlife Day – 3 March

SEAWEEK 2020 – 29 February - 8 March

starters Celebrating Seaweek Lesson Ideas





Science-based and Vocabularly Building Explorations for Years 1-4.

Achievement Objectives:

 • By observation, students will explore and change the properties of water, including, smell, shape, colour and taste.

 • Students will build up a water vocabulary to be able to explain their observations, experiences and properties of water.

Click here to view and download this 'magical' unit.

Further water explorations for Years 1-8+ at Auckland Watercare

Watercare's education coordinator Sally Smith has put together a fantastic education pack that explains many of the nature-based solutions we use to provide water and wastewater services in Auckland.

It’s full of interesting facts and has links to videos and games to help children learn about the water journey.

Check out the  multi-level free lessons on offer:

Water quality: Class-based lesson and field trip

Drinking water: Class-based lesson

Water experiments: Class-based lesson

Wastewater: Class-based lesson

Stormwater and wastewater: Class-based lesson

Bugs: Class-based lesson and field trip

Water cycle: Class-based lesson


Dozens of lesson plans for Grades K-12 from the American site Fresh Water Live at: