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Teaching SunSmart Behaviours in New Zealand Schools


The Cancer Society of NZ provides the SunSmart Schools programme to support students, staff and school communities to remain protected from over-exposure to UV radiation rays during outdoor activities. Schools are the perfect place to get this SunSmart message across and educate students about sun protection behaviours and reduce the rate of skin cancer by being SunSmart.

St Josephs (pictured below) in Asburton is one of the 500 SunSmart accredited schools in New Zealand where shade is an excellent option for sun protection. Click on the link below to read how they apply SunSmart behaviours and why they wouldn't be without it, and to read the latest Newsletter from SunSmart and find out how to become involved in the FREE SunSmart programme.


Cancer Society Sunsmart Newsletter 22 January, 2022 

Learn more about the Cancer Society's SunSmart Schools Programme at:

Education for Sustainability Planning for 2022

The EFS context and dates below cover all learning areas and teachers are encouraged to use a cross-curricular approach to support the attitudes and values of our curriculum. Treat dates with flexibility and simply as approximate guides so they can easily fit in with your regular classroom programme. It is also recommended that in most cases, the concepts and ideas developed should be extended for a much longer period of  time (at least a week or over a month) so they can become a major classroom centre of interest. Please note: The following dates are celebrated in different countries on different dates. Dates listed below are the most common New Zealand dates


April/May 2022 Dates & Links.

Takahe Awareness Month – All April (Video)


Earth Day – 22 April  (Video)


Save the Frogs Day – 30 April


Compost Awareness Week – 3-9 May                                            


World Migratory Bird Day – 9 May


International Biodiversity Day - 22 May  (Video)




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