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The short and long-tailed bats are New Zealand's only native land mammals and they are under severe pressure from introduced mammalian predators and competitors. In this Science, Social Science and Sustainability-based unit we introduce studes to our bats – pekapeka, the reasons for their severe decline in numbers, and explore the measuress we can take to protect these fascinating, precious and unique species of mammal. Best suited to years 5-10+.

Click here to view and download this exciting major unit.

Bee Awareness Months – September/October

Over 20 lessons at all levels plus a free download of the 'Sponsor a Hive' Educators Kit. 

World Rivers Day – 30 September (Use for new term)

6 Lessons available on starters







Save the Kiwi Month – October

World Animal Day 4– October


New Zealand ShakeOut - Thursday 18 October 9.30am

 All of New Zealand is at risk of earthquakes and all of our coastline is at risk of tsunamis. We cant predict when they will happen, but we can protect ourselves and pracxtise the right actions to take.

We also know that when our students are involved in preparing for and learning about natural hazards, they can play a major part in preparing for and teaching adults in responding to and preparing for emergencies.

Don't Miss the New Zealand ShakeOut Schools Challenge! The 'Challenge' runs from 18 October – 31 October and empowers students to be the teachers and show their community how to be prepared. When you register your school for the New Zealand Schools ShakeOut Challenge you will receive a resource for each student to take home and work through with their family. Everyone who completres the challenge will also get a prize

Entries Close 21 September So Register Your School Today at:



Watercare's education coordinator Sally Smith has put together a fantastic education pack that explains many of the nature-based solutions we use to provide water and wastewater services in Auckland.

It’s full of interesting facts and has links to videos and games to help children learn about the water journey.

Download the new Watercare Education Pack below.

Water Care Education Pack


The NetballSmart Dynamic Warm up assists in developing the important fundamental netball movement skills. 

Be NetballSmart and ask a NetballSmart Development Officer to deliver a workshop to your school. Educate teachers, coaches, players and parents on the NetballSmart Dynamic warm up.

Plus othermodules

  Landing Skill Development

  Core and Balance.           

•  Power Warm-up


NetballSmart Development Officers email links and phone numbers

    Auckland and Netball Northern Zone

  Melanie Kemp:           0212454710 

  Suzanne Belcher:     021450216 

     Waikato Bay of Plenty Netball Zone 

  Amanda Foster:               0273032842 

     Wellington and Netball Central Zone 

  Lee Spence:                     021865340 

     Christchurch and Netball Mainland Zone 

  Amy Eckersley:           0276630010 

     Dunedin and Netball South 

  Gwen Harrop:                  0220323748